Herbal Treatment for Low Sex Drive Improve Libido Naturally

Herbal Treatment for Low Sex Drive - Improve Libido Naturally

The herb Shilajit is considered as very effective in the herbal treatment for low sex drive. This herb Shilajit is quite popular amongst the patients of sexual weaknesses. The term low sex drive is clinically known as lack of libido. In addition, this disorder is more common in women. But, a man may also suffer from the lack of libido. However, erectile dysfunction is usually considered to be as lack of libido, unlike the fact that both are completely different disorders. In erectile dysfunction a person fails to maintain the erection for a long time whereas on the other hand in lack of libido a person does not feel for lovemaking even when he has not indulged in the intimate relation for a very long period. Nevertheless, the herb Shilajit is effective in the treatment for low sex drive as well as erectile dysfunction.

There are many causes which may lead to this disturbing disorder. The causes may vary from physical to psychological issues. Firstly, the physical issue may include anemia. Moreover, a woman may suffer from anemia by losing too much blood during menstruation period whereas a man may lose blood due to some internal injuries which may lead to some other dire conditions. In addition, it is found that a man may suffer from lack of libido due to alcoholism which is considered to be the prime cause for this disorder. Others include drug abuse or prescribed drugs particularly tranquillizers may lead to this disorder. Also, it is found that hormonal imbalance and over active pituitary glands is also responsible for lack of libido in both the genders. In such conditions, supplements of Shilajit will work magnificently in the treatment for low sex drive.


Secondly, there are some psychological issues that may be the cause for this disorder. The most common psychological issues may include depression, stress and stress due to over work. Also, it is found that anxiety and serious relationship problem with spouse may lead to lack of libido. In many cases it is found that if a person is unable to deal with his emotions may lead to this disorder, for instance sexual abuse in past or unmanageable living conditions. In such disorders, a person must consult a medical practitioner for resolving the psychological issue; and the doctor might include Shilajit supplements in the treatment so that one may get rid of both the disorders simultaneously.

In conclusion, in the herbal treatment for low sex drive it is important to understand the reasons that may lead to such unwanted disorder. Also, it is important to resolve both physical and psychological issues before they lead to some dire conditions. Moreover, the lack of libido condition is more common in elderly people; but many men and women face this disorder in a very early age. The most common reason seems to be our faulty lifestyle. In addition, the lifestyle generated problems are the prime reason for most of the disorders. That is why, it is important to improve lifestyle for a complete treatment for low sex drive. But, somehow Shilajit has always proved to be most effective herb for increasing the libido.


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